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The Storytellers

We’re a group of creatives located in Omaha, Nebraska that collaborate to produce engaging content that tells your authentic story.


Everyone loves a good story. We’re here to help you tell yours.


What makes our work product different? Together we share the same core philosophy: content and creative that tells your genuine story will resonate with your audience and incite action. Our approach isn’t one-size-fits-all: we specialize in drawing out who you are, what you do, and why it matters and telling that story. We pay attention to all the little details that make a big impact and begin every project with a clear strategy.

We’re friends that have been working together for the better part of a decade and we believe that we’re helping organizations and individuals make a difference in the world, one project at a time. When needed, we’ll join forces to produce content, develop branding assets, and consult on creative to help market your brand, initiative, or event.


Mikala Harden

Founder and Creative Director, Say Hey There

Mikala draws upon her background in branding, creative writing, and marketing & communications to help client partners develop and manage a brand strategy, tailor messaging, prepare compelling content, launch social campaigns, and rally community.

Style: Downtown Cozy
Ideal Vacation: Anywhere warm and vibrant, experiencing local culture and foods
Volunteerism: Marketing Sponsor of the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards

Nate Gasaway

Creative Director and Filmmaker, Göswen Marketing

Nate’s 20+ year career in digital media has spanned TV stations, video studios, and creative agencies, and his exceptional visual marketing techniques have helped countless local, national, and international organizations tell their story. Nate is an expert at digital image creation and roll-out and bringing brands to life from script to screen.

Style: Urban Natural
Ideal Vacation: Immersed in nature, living like locals
Hobbies: Hiking, jumping in piles of leaves, harvesting his own eggs

Beaufield Berry

Creative Consultant, Casting

Beau Berry has curated a career as a resourceful and inventive creative consultant, writer, and talent scout. Beau thrives when leading branding brainstorms, planning memorable soirees, recruiting talent, connecting people, and being asked to make the impossible happen. As a published author and accomplished playwright, Beau harnesses her imagination to come up with game-changing ideas for her clients.

Style: Bohemian Chic
Ideal Vacation: On an adventure somewhere between Vegas, Tokyo, and glitter.
Volunteerism: I’m everywhere, okay?


Here are just a few of the organizations we’ve partnered with on campaigns, video production, and events.


If you’re interested in defining your brand and engaging your people, reach out and we’ll get to know each other and walk you through next steps – whether it’s partnering with one of our storytellers or the whole team!